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Unleash Adventure: Dive into the Extraordinary

Dive into unparalleled underwater adventures with our expert leadership. Explore unique destinations across all 7 continents, guided by our 45 years of expertise. Immerse yourself in expeditions and luxury excursions crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Discover a world beneath the waves, where every dive trip is an informed and unforgettable experience.

Travel to unique or never before dived waters is our business. Chartering luxury vessels for exploratory dive travel, we have opened new regions to eco-tourism and met local communities who, in their lifetimes, have never before seen Western faces. Our experience in running group travel includes all aspects of the adventure, from boutique lodgings to private excursions with driver and guide.

Are you a skill-builder? We love diving and happily run trips much closer to home in order to safely build skillsets in more novice divers. New divers can experience sharks, turtles, rays, whale sharks and so much more in some of their first ocean dives! We have trained thousands of divers to safely enjoy the wonders of our water planet.

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